Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda
news of our historic UU church in Ruthven (Kingsville), Ontario

May 2017 Sunday Services

April 25th, 2017 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
May 7 Rev. Stephen Atkinson The Sunny Hill. Life calls us to meet its challenges, and further, to attend carefully to the signs we receive that guide us toward our highest purpose and greatest task. This applies to us as individuals and to our congregations. Sometimes the task is obvious; sometimes difficult to discern, but the way to our deepest fulfillment is to work towards our highest goal. Lorie Lyons
May 14 Rev. Fran Dearman Mothers’ Day. Baylis-Stone Trio
May 21 Rev. Fran Dearman Walking to Santiago: Fran Shares Some Memories of Walking the Old Pilgrim Trail, El Camino de Santiago de Compostella, in Northern Spain. Lorie Lyons
May 28 Rev. Del Stewart Does God Have a Future? Traditionally, religions have provided answers to God-questions. But in the times in which we now live, the credibility of these (traditional) answers is being questioned, and the validity of religion itself challenged. How might the current intensifying of ‘God-questions answered/God-answers questioned’ impact faith-understanding and faith communities in the 21st century? Toni Janik
June 4 Rev. Fran Dearman Call and Inspiration: Some Call on their ministers for Inspiration; some ministers find Inspiration in a sense of Call. What might that look like? Sound like? Feel like? Indian Village String Quartet

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