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January 2021 Newsletter

January 10th, 2021 . by William Baylis

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December 2020 Newsletter

November 27th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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November 2020 Newsletter

October 27th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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Sept-Oct 2020 Newsletter

September 19th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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Celebrate with us the 250th Anniversary of Universalism in America

September 18th, 2020 . by William Baylis

As part of the Sestercentennial of Universalism in America, the UU Church of Olinda will be joining the Sunday Service led by Rev. Justin Schroeder, co-minister of the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, by Zoom. The service is entitled “250 Years of Universalist Heritage and its Meaning for Our Time” and runs on Sunday morning, October 4, 2020, from 11 am to noon ET.  This heritage is particularly relevant for our UU Church of Olinda since it was founded as a universalist church in 1880. The internet link to the service will be sent to members and friends of our church on October 3, 2020. If you do not regularly receive Zoom links to our services but want to participate on October 4, please send an email request for a link to our webmaster, whose contact information is given in the section <Our Church>.

For background and history of Universalism, access the 629-page pdf file digital Toolkit.

Summer 2020 Newsletter

July 16th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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May 2020 Newsletter

April 23rd, 2020 . by William Baylis

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April 2020 Newsletter

March 29th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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Current Sunday Services for 2021

March 18th, 2020 . by William Baylis

In-person Services suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Executive Committee of the Board together with the Minister of the church are monitoring advisories on the current coronal virus outbreak. At their meeting after the service on March 15, they elected not to offer in-person worship services until further notice. The in-person services are being replaced by new online materials and virtual services using Zoom. For future worship services, the situation will be re-evaluated with the latest medical and societal information then available.

Please check back on this site for updates, and visit canada.ca/coronavirus for more information on the virus.

Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Dec. 6 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Power DynamicImbalance appears in many forms… Some of these are blatant, but others may not be so apparent, depending on which side of the equation you might be on. Toni Janik
Dec. 13 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Twelve Sleeps Halfway through the Advent countdown, anticipation seems to take centre-stage.  Yet between each sleep in the countdown, there are entire days with their own potential. Lorie Lyons
Dec. 20 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel The Long Night Ahead – small>The longest night of the year is upon us, and with it, the beginning of the coldest season – after an already drawn-out time of isolation for many.  What can we look forward to? Toni Janik
Dec. 27 Bill Baylis IAT – It’s About Time Measuring time and space and looking back in time. How the constancy of the speed of light revolutionized our understanding of spacetime. Lorie Lyons
Jan. 3, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Beyond ExpectationsWith Advent now past, new seasons of expectation are before us, as the coming months may reveal a new sense of life. Baylis-Stone Trio
Jan. 10, 2021 Elizabeth Ha Justicia for Migrant WorkersSue Markham, service leader Lorie Lyons
Jan. 17, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Uncomfortable Conversations>We sometimes hesitate to delve into some deep conversations because the topic is unfamiliar, or we may be afraid to make a mistake in how we talk about it. But if we find people or places that reassure us that it’s OK to lean into difficult topics – however imperfectly – then uncomfortable conversations can strengthen meaningful connections. Toni Janik
Jan. 24, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Long HaulAbout a month into the new year, we might wonder how exactly this year differs from the previous one. Even with major changes, a lot might feel the same for another while. Where do we fit in in the story of this new year’? Lorie Lyons
Jan. 31, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel France is Bacon“Knowledge is power”, but there are some questions we are not sure how to ask, either because we might not have the words we need, or because others don’t share that language with us. This can lead to misunderstandings, and it can also invite further contemplation. Toni Janik
Feb. 7, 2021 CUC, Revs. Shana Lynngood and Samaya Oakley A Faith Worth Failing For – National Service at 12:30am
We often talk about Unitarian Universalism as a transformational faith – and yet to be transformed means to take a risk. How is it that we are adverse to taking such risks when it comes to widening the circle of who we are as a community? Join Revs. Shana Lynngood and Samaya Oakley for a service that explores how we’ve failed and how we can learn from those failures to become the transformational faith we proclaim to be.
Feb. 14, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Tba Baylis-Stone trio
Feb. 21, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Tba tba
Feb. 28, 2021 Phil Alexander The Hardening of Attitudes – A Terminal Condition? Some of my experiences may lead to the conclusion that there is no generally agreed upon answer.​ (Black History Month) tba
Mar. 7, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Tba tba
Mar 14, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel tba Toni Janik
Mar 21, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel tba Toni Janik
Mar 28, 2021 Rev. Conrad Dippel Salvation in the Stacks – Based upon my experience in old libraries and wrecking yards, I explore the relationship between salvage and salvation, and wonder whether a Unitarian Universalist can be saved again. tba
Apr. 4, 2021 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Easter Sunday Toni Janik

March 2020 Newsletter

February 29th, 2020 . by William Baylis

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