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January 2018 Newsletter

January 5th, 2019 . by William Baylis

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Sunday Services for January 2019

January 5th, 2019 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Jan. 6 Rev. Rod Emilio Solano-Quesnel Epiphany. Revelation can come in small packages. Lorie Lyons
Jan. 13 Rev. Rod Emilio Solano-Quesnel Little Princes. Stories about the magic of childhoodspeak to the challenging contradictions of idealized innocence and unexpected wisdom. Toni Janik
Jan. 20 Bobbye Baylis The Periodic Table. A study of one of the ways science progresses. Baylis-Stone Duet
Jan. 27 Rev. Rod Emilio Solano-Quesnel Adulting. The world of responsibility can seem daunting and brings up the question…what does it mean to grow up? Lorie Lyons
Feb. 6 Rev. Rosalind Mariconda Patterns in Our Primary Relationships: Awareness, Practices, and Shifts. Tony Janik


December 2018 Newsletter

November 26th, 2018 . by William Baylis

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Ode to Joy

November 12th, 2018 . by William Baylis

Church members and visitors to the Memorial Day service on Sunday, November 11, 2018, were treated to a rendition of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on the musical saw, expertly performed by our minister, the Reverend Rod Solano-Quesnel.

Rev. Rod on musical saw2018.11.11


Sunday Services for November 2018

October 24th, 2018 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Nov. 4 John Upcott Recalling the Past at Olinda: Early Ministers Toni Janik
Nov. 11 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel A Century in Conscience. Some anniversaries offer time for reflection.  Other special days serve as calls for action.  What happens in between?  Between days a year apart; four years apart; one century apart?  Lorie Lyons
Nov. 18 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Unpacking & Repacking. The baggage we sometimes carry can be so cluttered that it’s unclear what’s even in it – digging around a bit allows for deeper clarity before rearranging it all again. The Village Quartet
Nov. 25 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Retellings. Stories from different sources reflect truths in unexpected ways – and when we see them again with a different light, they can be particularly illuminating! B&B Baylis
Dec. 2 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Adventure. Expectation is one way to peek into the future… and to glimpse into our present. Lorie Lyons


October 2018 Newsletter

September 28th, 2018 . by William Baylis

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Sunday Services for October 2018

September 26th, 2018 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Oct. 7 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Cosmic Rock-Paper-Scissors Whoever you are, wherever you are, privilege and vulnerability are involved. Taking stock of how these fit in our lives is the road toward grace and gratitude. Baylis-Stone trio
Oct. 14 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Toolbox: A well-put-together kit can allow us to be better prepared to take on the tasks at hand – what are the tools that we have at our disposal? Lorie Lyons
Oct. 21 Karen Andersen Miller UN Day: When Crisis Calls to a Land of Milk & Honey. Bobbye & Bill Baylis
Oct. 28 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Still Alive: Every once in a while, a reminder of our mortality is also a good reminder that we’re alive. And life has a way of affirming its vitality when hope is hard to find. Toni Janik
Nov. 4 John Upcott Recalling the Past at Olinda Toni Janik


September 2018 Newsletter

September 7th, 2018 . by William Baylis

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September 2019 Sunday Services

September 3rd, 2018 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Sept. 9 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Watershed (A Special Welcome) The convergence of water gives life to a flourishing community, as tranquil streams meet and merge. Bobbye and Bill Baylis, Ray Stone, and Nancy Gebriel
Sept. 16 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Earthshaking Tectonic shifts come in different magnitudes… and sometimes they open up unseen opportunities. Lorie Lyons
Sept. 23 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Blackout When the unexpected happens, it can be another good excuse to get together! Toni Janik
Sept. 30 Ray Stone On Mindfulness Lorie Lyons
Oct. 7 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Cosmic Rock-Paper-Scissors Baylis-Stone trio


June and Summer Services

May 22nd, 2018 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
June 3 Rev. Fran Dearman Election Sermon Rev. Fran urges us all to exercise our right to vote in the provincial election on June 7.” Lorie Lyons
June 10 Rev. Fran Dearman Summer is Coming: A Reflection on work and play and retirement. This is Rev. Fran’s last sermon at Olinda before she leaves for a well-earned retirement. She has certainly served us well, and we send her off with much love and our wish for great happiness and satisfaction in this next stage of her life! The service is to be followed by our annual church picnic. Toni Janik
June 17 Steve Brennan It Takes a Child to Raise a Village.  Brennan’s twist on a familiar saying is meant to reflect on fresh insights to Fathers’ Day Baylis, Stone-Dabrowski
June 24 Dr. Walter (Jake) Soderlund Social Justice in an Era of Reactionary Populism Jake will present considerations especially relevant to current world politics. Lorie Lyons
June 27 Joyse Gilbert and others Farewell Vespers   Bill Baylis, Ray Stone
July  22 Rev. Derek Parry Universalism, Love and Justice Lorie Lyons
Aug. 5 Ben Bernath Seeking Spiritual Truth: The Roman Origins of Christianity Bobbye and Bill Baylis
Sept. 9 Rev. Rod Solano-Quesnel Ingathering and Water Ceremony Baylis-Stone-Koenig quartet

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