Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda
news of our historic UU church in Ruthven (Kingsville), Ontario

March 2017 Sunday Services

February 7th, 2017 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Mar. 5 Victoria Cross and Len Wallace Labour Law and Dispute Resolution. Victoria is a Windsor lawyer, freelance writer, and social activist, and Len is a musician and Professor of Labour Studies at the University of Windsor. Baylis-Stone Trio
Mar. 12 Rev. Fran Dearman Process Theology: What if the holy were evolving just as we do? Rev. Fran reflects on a way of understanding the world—body, mind and spirit, sacred and profane—as evolving through time and space. Process Theology, as a way of articulating a religious posture, emerged from the challenges of early Twentieth Century science, and the colossal losses of the Second World War. Philosopher of science Alfred North Whitehead first articulated the concept.
Carabel Ringrose
Mar. 19 Rev. Fran Dearman Shinto and Spring Equinox. On this day, day and night are of nearly equal length, throughout the world. Rev. Fran reflects on equinox and equanimity, and notes that March 22nd is UNESCO World Water Day. Lorie Lyons
Mar. 26 Wilma Lamb Refugee to New Canadian. Followed by the International Dinner. Funds collected by donation used to support refugees. Toni Janik
Apr. 2 Rev. Fran Dearman Poetry Month: Singing the Body Electric. With a little help from the poet Walt Whitman, Rev. Fran reflects on rhythm and rhyme and the flesh that bears them along. In particular, Fran reaches for an understanding of what it means for a body to be born transgender. tbd

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