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Archived Sermons and Sunday Talks

December 7th, 2015 . by William Baylis

There are often requests for printed copies of select sermons and Sunday talks given at UU Olinda. When the author agrees and makes a copy available, we can post them on this website. Please note that the opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the church. These talks are the properties of the authors, and the copies here are meant for personal use only. For any other use, please contact the author for permission. Enjoy!

Other Olinda talks

Ben Bernath, 2018Aug05: Seeking Spiritual Truth
Rev. Derek Parry, 2018July22: Universalism, Love and Justice
Bill Baylis, 2018May27: Cosmic Connections
Slides to talk Cosmic Connections
Rev. Derek Parry, 2018May20: Hopes and Hurdles
Bill Baylis, 2017Dec31: Time and the Cosmos
Slides for Time and the Cosmos
Rev. Derek Parry, 2017Nov26: De-Constructing Christmas Stories
Rev. Derek Parry, 2017July16:
On Religion
Rev. Stephen Atkinson, 2017May7: The Sunny Hill
Bill Baylis, 2017April23: Science & Religion for UUs
Bill Baylis, 2017Jan01: Looking Back and Forward
Rev. Conrad Dippel, 2016Oct23: The Rise and Fall of the Human Being
Bill Baylis, 2016June12: Flower Communion Background and Meaning
Wilf Innerd, 2016May22: The Promise and the Pitfalls of Idealism
Jane Innerd, 2016May8 “The Evolution of Charles Darwin” Charles Darwin.
Dan Bissonnette, 2016May1: “Creating a Sacred Space: The Healing Gardens Program”  Creating a Sacred Space. The PowerPoint for Dan’s presentation is available here: Creating a Sacred Space The Healing Gardens Program.
Dr. Wilf Innerd, 2016April17: “Nietzsche” NIETZSCHE
Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, Ph.D. 2016March13: “Working Across Cultures” EMTyndale 03-13-2016
Dr. Bill Baylis 2016March20: “UUs in an Irrational World: Understanding Our Neighbours” UUs in an Irrational World
Charlotte Innerd 2016Mar06: “International Women’s Day” CharlotteInnerd-IWWMarch2016
Dr. Bill Baylis 2016Feb21: “Science and the Search for Truth” Science_SearchforTruth
Rev. Thomas Schade 2016Jan10: “The UU Character: a Path to Spiritual Growth” Schade_Olinda Sermon2016_01_10
Prof. Emeritus Walter (Jake) Soderlund 2016Jan17: Understanding the International “Responsibility to Protect” Soderlund20160117
Rev. Conrad Dippel Sermon 2015Dec6: The Sanctity of Life
Rev. Conrad Dippel Sermon 2015Sept27: From California to Olinda
Alisa McClurg 2013May19:  A Celebration of the Continuation of the Future
Jane Innerd 2013April: Matthew Arnold