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Current Sunday Services for 2020

March 18th, 2020 . by William Baylis

In-person Services suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Executive Committee of the Board together with the Minister of the church are monitoring advisories on the current coronal virus outbreak. At their meeting after the service on March 15, they elected not to offer in-person worship services until further notice. They are being replaced by new online materials and virtual services using Zoom. For future worship services, the situation will be re-evaluated with the latest medical and societal information then available.

Please check back on this site for updates, and visit canada.ca/coronavirus for more information on the virus.

Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Sept. 13 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Worthy WatersWater Ceremony Baylis Duo
Sept. 20 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Chunks of TimeOur sense of awareness tends to find order by dividing time into manageable bits. Changes in seasons are one way that we find ourselves grounded in time, and as the days darken, we can find new meanings for the foreseeable future. Toni Janik
Sept. 27 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel FWIW (For What It’s Worth)Variations of Universalism have been around for longer than we might think. The details may change, but the foundations of love without exceptions offer a worldview worth cultivating. Baylis-Stone trio
Oct. 4 Rev. Justin Schroeder from Minnesota. NB time change: 11 am-noon 250 Years of Universalist Heritage and its Meaning for Our TimeContinuing our exploration of Universalism, we are invited to join a North America-wide service, celebrating our tradition’s roots on the continent. Virtual Service with Zoom
Oct. 11 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel TIA (Thanks in Advance). The general practice is to give thanks after the fact – but what if we can apply the gift of gratitude preemptively? Baylis duo and Karen Miller
Oct. 18 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Heavy Metal– We’ve all heard of the golden rule, but what about the silver rule and the platinum rule? How do these different “metal” rules invite us to seek answers to the question: “what is the right thing to do?” Toni Janik
Oct. 25 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel IOW (In Other Words)When one-off situations seem to pop up everywhere, it may be a sign that something larger is in the works.  What do we call this? Lorie Lyons with Karen Miller & Bill Baylis
Nov. 1 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel R.I.P. Rest in PowerAs we honour those who have gone before us around the Days of the Dead, we recall the power that they can have even after death. Toni Janik
Nov. 8 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Founded on the Faith – 140th Anniversary of our church [and U.S. Election]. Even before the cornerstone was laid for our building, our church was here. Its foundations come from faith in love without exceptions. We are here, present, as a church in celebration, commemoration, and contemplation, revereing the past with endurng faith in the dawning future. Loire Lyons
Nov. 15 Special CUC Service – NB 1 pm start Sustaining the Light – National Service by CUC. We have another opportunity to join Unitarian Universalists across the country, finding sustenance woith each other and sustaining the light together. Virtual Service with Zoom
Nov. 22 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel TFW – That Feeling When…We all have oddly specific feelings when something strange happens. And as odd as these may feel, we can also relate to them – because they are surprisingly normal when facing the unexpected. Baylis-Stone trio
Nov. 29 Jane Innerd (Ray Stone, service leader) Reflections on Being a Universalist Toni Janik
Dec. 6 Rev. Rod Solano Quesnel Power DynamicImbalance appears in many forms… Some of these are blatant, but others may not be so apparent, depending on which side of the equation you might be on. Toni Janik

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