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Current Sunday Services for 2020

March 18th, 2020 . by William Baylis

In-person Services suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Executive Committee of the Board together with the Minister of the church are monitoring advisories on the current coronal virus outbreak. At their meeting after the service on March 15, they elected not to offer in-person worship services for the next three Sundays, March 22, 29, and April 5. For worship services after these, the situation will be re-evaluated with the latest medical and societal information then available. Some other worship materials, including reflections by Rev. Rod and other sources of inspiration will be made available.

Please check back on this site for updates, and visit canada.ca/coronavirus for more information on the virus.

Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
Feb. 2 Rev. Rod ESQ In Store (RE Downstairs) – The mid-winter time leaves some questions up in the air, and the outlook can be intriguing.
Toni Janik
Feb. 9 Irene Moore Davis Contested Memory, Complicated History: Reflecting on the earliest Black Lives in Sandwich and Windsor. Lorie Lyons
Feb. 16 Rev. Rod ESQ Let Me Count the WaysAffection has a way of expressing itself in more ways than we know numbers.
Baylis/Stone trio with Karen Miller
Feb. 23 Rev. Rod ESQ Gentle Angry PeopleThe expression of anger – and the experience of it – can take many forms. And the expectations on its outcomes can also shift, from origin to receiving end.
Toni Janik
Mar. 1 Rev. Conrad Dippel One Star at a Time –  celebrating individual human dignity within the constellation of humanity. Lorie Lyons
Mar. 8 Carrie Ann Peters Teachings from Mother Earth –  Carrie Ann Peters from the Caldwell First Nation is visiting us again, sharing wisdom from water and women, and the relationships they nurture. Baylis-Stone Trio
Mar. 15 Rev. Rod ESQ The Shocking Secret –  Some recipes invoke a certain degree of orthodoxy, but a home cook affirms that it doesn’t have to be that way. And whether making a meal, or bringing together a community of faith, following the recipe that works best for you has its advantages. Toni Janik
Mar. 22 Rev. Rod ESQ PUBLIC SERVICE CANCELLED! The Best Worst Spanish –  Sometimes, making mistakes can be the best way to get it right – be it learning a language, or building community. Toni Janik
Mar. 29 Rev. Rod ESQ PUBLIC SERVICE CANCELLED! A Time to Learn, A Time to Teach –  Getting to know wisdom involves being open to both taking initiative, and also stepping aside, from time to time. Indian Village Strings
Apr. 5 Rev. Rod ESQ PUBLIC SERVICE CANCELLED! Wuthering –  – when expectations suddenly change, a new way of thinking about the future can emerge. Baylis-Stone Trio
Apr. 12 Rev. Rod ESQ We Have the Technology! –  since before the internet, the telephone and telegraph allowed fast communication over vast distances.  Even post mail can bring people together around the world.  Whether lo- or hi-tech, connection prevails. Toni Janik
Apr. 19 Bill Baylis The Overview Effect –  a profound experience often reported when Earth is seen from space. Lorie Lyons
Apr. 26 Rev. Rod ESQ Essential –  the tricky question of what meets our most basic needs leads to the deeper question of what those needs are. Baylis-Stone Trio
May 3 Rev. Rod ESQ tba –  Lorie Lyons

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