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Current Sunday Services for 2020

March 18th, 2020 . by William Baylis

In-person Services suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Executive Committee of the Board together with the Minister of the church are monitoring advisories on the current coronal virus outbreak. At their meeting after the service on March 15, they elected not to offer in-person worship services for the next few Sundays. They will be replaced by new online materials and, as possible, virtual services using Zoom. For future worship services, the situation will be re-evaluated with the latest medical and societal information then available.

Please check back on this site for updates, and visit canada.ca/coronavirus for more information on the virus.
The UU Church of Olinda plans to hold only one live service in July, on July 26, and one in August, on August 9.
Please check this site for details. You can also join live UU services across Canada. The Canadian Unitarian Council is hosting a series of live online Sunday Services during the summer, and these will be led by a different Canadian congregation every Sunday.

Below are the links to the main information page, as well as a link to pre-register (required). The Zoom rooms can hold up to 1,000 people – if you’re unable to log on, you can also view the service on the CUC YouTube channel.

Sunday Summer Services Series – Schedule
Pre-register: here.
Simple Registration (Name, E-mail address, Confirmation that you’re not a robot)

CUC YouTube Channel

Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
May 3 Rev. Rod ESQ Hold –  In times of uncertainty, it is difficult to stay still… and yet, the wisdom of practices such as meditation is that we can sometimes do a whole lot
when we do less.
Virtual Service with Zoom
May 10 Rev. Rod ESQ The Time to Plant a Tree –  – Today, we benefit from the fruits of seeds that were planted before us – by parents, ancestors, founders. This opens much room for reflection… and opens up
the question – what can we plant today?
Virtual Service with Zoom
May 17 Rev. Norm Horofker Cross-Canada Sunday Service –  The host congregation for our national Conference, the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax, presents a live worship service for all of us across Canada. It spans several time zones, and we’ll be able to join at 12:30PM our time (Eastern). Join us on Zoom. Virtual Service with Zoom at 12:30 PM
May 24 Rev. Rod ESQ The Special Time –   Different times in history have been remembered by memorable names… sometimes, they only tell part of the story – other times, they tell many stories at once.
Virtual Service with Zoom
May 31 Neil Buhne Today’s Interconnected World –   discussing what is currently shared in the world in many ways – using examples from Asia and linking those to experience from Canada and elsewhere..
Virtual Service with Zoom
June 7 Rev. Rod ESQ For Your Service –  Our Church has always existed upon the foundation of shared service.  This tradition of mutual ministry continues into new spaces, as we recognize that each contribution is vital in upholding our interwoven web. Virtual Service with Zoom
June 14 Rev. Rod ESQ Parallel Timelines –  
Sometimes the reality we live in looks different than the one we had in mind.  The space in between these realities can bring about a range of emotions, and how we bridge the two can help us be better together in space and time.
Virtual Service with Zoom
June 21 Rev. Rod ESQ Thank You for the Music (Flower Ceremony) –  The value of beauty, wherever it may be, and however it may appear, includes the power to offer comfort, gratitude, and inspiration.  Rather than a frivolous frill, an appreciation for the beauty around us can be the key to a more deeply meaningful life.  We can celebrate this power in our yearly Flower Ceremony.  (Send pictures of flowers by June 15, to share at our service!)
Virtual Service with Zoom
June 28 Daniel Blaikie, MP for Elmwood-Transcona, MB Annual Howard Pawley service: The transformative Impact of the Coronavirus –   a Canadian Perspective on Desirable Socio-Economic Changes
Virtual Service with Zoom
July 26 Ray Stone TBA- Virtual Service with Zoom
Aug. 9 Rev. Rod ESQ TBA- Virtual Service with Zoom

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