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May 2019 Newsletter

April 28th, 2019 . by William Baylis

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Current Sunday Services for 2019

April 24th, 2019 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
May 5 Rev. Rod Emilio Solano-Quesnel True and Truer Cinco de Mayo is often thought of as a Mexican holiday… and that’s mostly true.  But the fuller story is far more interesting, speaking to larger truths – and other things can be like that too! Baylis-Stone Trio
May 12 Ben Bernath Shakespeare’s Dark Lady – Shakespeare’s works are widely admired and performed, but they raise many questions, such as who is the Dark Lady described in sonnets 127-154, and what influence might she have had on Shakespeare’s works? Baylis Duo
May 19 Rev. Rod ESQ Answers & Questions
– It is said that the philosopher Socrates would follow up answers with more questions, and he used it as a method toward attaining, or recognizing, wisdom. But is there a limit to the questions we can ask? And how far can they really get us?
Lorie Lyons
May 26 Rev. Rod ESQ Trust & Trepidation – The apparent rivalry between faith and doubt can obscure some deeper questions – such as: How can we feel confident about something? And where is the place for healthy scepticism? Toni Janik
June 2 Rev. Rod ESQ A Flower With Your Name on It – When Norbert ńĆapek first offered a Flower Celebration in what is today Czechia, he wanted a ritual in which everyone would feel included – and the practice of radical inclusion can begin with a flower freely given and freely received. Baylis-Stone Trio with Karen Andersen Miller
June 9 Rev. Rod ESQ In Good Company – Being in community invites us to share of ourselves in a way that we may be our best selves.  It is also a reminder to each of us that we matter to each other.  And we can practice this as we formally welcoming new members to our church. Lorie Lyons
June 16 Rev. Rod ESQ Ineffable – The time that we spend together has an effect on us that can be difficult to describe. And yet it is one of those things we easily miss when it’s not there. As our program year winds down, we contemplate the different ways we can be with each other. Toni Janik with Karen, Ray, & Bill
June 23 Kim DeYong An Injustice Not to Try – Entering politics can be critical for correcting societal wrongs and fighting injustice, but it is also daunting. Politics can be nasty, intimidating, and unfair. Yet as Howard Pawley made clear, to let self-doubt stymie positive action would itself be an injustice to our potential good works. Baylis-Stone duo
June 30 Dr. Ray Hobbs On Geriatrics and Nutrition Lorie Lyons