Unitarian Universalist Church of Olinda
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May 2019 Newsletter

April 28th, 2019 . by William Baylis

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Current Sunday Services for 2019

April 24th, 2019 . by William Baylis
Date Speaker Title Musician(s)
July 21 Ray Stone Apology, Atonement and Forgiveness Lorie Lyons
August 18 Helen Moore The Cathedral of the World – Sermon by Dr. F. Forrester Church, former minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City, discussing his theology. Presented by helen Moore. Bill and Bobbye Baylis
Sept. 8 Rev. Rod ESQ Water Without Borders (Intergenerational) – One of the amazing things about water is that it can get almost anywhere, in one form or another. In and around us, water brings life, wonder, and meaning. At our Water Communion we can celebrate the wonder of water, and the meaning it brings to our lives. You are invited to bring some water to pour – water will also be available for all who wish to participate. Toni Janik
Sept. 15 Rev. Rod ESQ Common Goals (RE Downstairs) – When people listen to others’ stories – and explore their own – it invites a space for shared experiences and dreams. With a bit of work and determination, this can lead to a discovery that common goals that seemed unimaginable, just might possible. Baylis-Stone Trio
Sept. 22 Rev. Rod ESQ Lines on the Ground (Intergenerational) – There is a remarkable Belgian town… in the middle of the Netherlands! What’s more, this Belgian town also has bits of the Netherlands in it. Those who live there make international trips everyday, just to go to work, buy groceries, or visit friends, all passport-free. The lines on the ground can mean different things, depending on where you live. What could new visons of boundaries bring? Lorie Lyons
Sept. 29 Rev. Rod ESQ The Boundless Spirit (RE Downstairs) – The seemingly empty space around us holds the incredible life-giving power of the air. Along with it, come deep questions of what it is, where it goes, and what is our place in it? Lorie Lyons
Oct. 6 Rev. Rod ESQ Scary Stuff (RE Downstairs) – The Halloween merchandise is already out, giving us plenty of time to consider the deeper meanings of those things that scare us. And with this space for contemplation, we can also confront our sources of fear, confront them, consider what we can do about them, and maybe even find that they’re not always as scary as they seem. Toni Janik
Oct. 13 Rev. Rod ESQ Thanksgiving (Intergenerational)
Baylis-Stone Trio